Amrita is a certified organic, low sugar, spice based beverage brand that brings the exquisite tastes and health benefits of Indian spice-based beverages to your home. The tale of Amrita’s lassi began with the desire to find a drink that would be healthy, low-sugar, nutritious and hydrating. This quest led to recollection of age-old family recipes and traditions, and resulted in Amrita’s lightly sweetened aromatic lassis. Amrita’s lassi strikes a balance between nutrition and hydration and are modern interpretations of age-old family recipes and traditions. Our lassi brings together the many health benefits of ancient spices and the wholesome goodness of a yogurt made with locally sourced, organic, grass-fed milk. While selecting 100% organic ingredients the need for superior taste and quality has always been paramount. Our yogurt is made slowly over time, so as to retain the probiotics without being extremely tangy. This allows us to add minimal sugars to the product for a mildly sweet taste. Our spices offer exquisite taste from around the world, together with properties that boost the bodies’ natural defenses. Many of our ingredients address nutrients lacking in our diets and have restorative properties. The convenient grab and go packaging of Amrita’s lassi caters to our fast, busy modern lives. This marriage of modern lifestyles and health trends, with the best of the ancient traditions and ingredients has enabled Amrita to bring these exceptional beverages you!