Good Health

Immune Boosting Spices

Our spices not only add superior taste to our lassis, but have many
restorative and digestive properties that help boost the bodies immune system. Feel refreshed and rejuvenated!

Certified Organic Milk from Grass-fed cows.

Our yogurt uses only the highest quality organic milk from grass-fed cows sourced from small organic farms in the local area.

Low Sugar and Low Calorie

The minimal sugars in our lassi, allows the true flavors of our fine ingredients, to take center stage.
To preserve the natural goodness of our lassis we never use artificial sugars/sweeteners/ sugar substitutes.
Each of our delicious lassi are only 110 calories and can be enjoyed more than once a day.

Electrolyte-rich Hydration

Our lassi is more fluid than other lassis or yogurt drinks; a good source of electrolytes.
A well-hydrated body operates like a well-oiled machine.
Feel the difference between surviving and thriving!